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About Charminar Express

We Serve the finest Indian cuisine.

In our kitchens, we try to focus on freshly prepared food crafted with quality ingredients. We serve food made with fresh product. 

Serving quality food has always been our priority. Because Indian cuisine is at the center of our menu, we serve only best food with no fillers, artificial preservatives.

We support healthier fast food, whether it is by adding more healthful alternatives or just cutting out unneeded additives. We’re aiming to create a menu that meets these criteria, improves your experience, and never skimps on mouthwatering flavour.  

We Offer The Best Food

Why Choose Us

Highest quality eatery and cuisine

It might be difficult to eat healthy when travelling. We make a lot of effort to provide a variety of alternatives, from our traditional menu items created with high-quality ingredients to additional menu items for health-conscious diners, including the Irani Chai and Biryani.

High Quality Food

We are always aiming towards cleaner ingredients.

Best Chef & Team

We have the greatest chefs providing the best Indian food available.